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Estimate your 1RM using velocity based training
Velocity-based training has the potential to accurately estimate an athlete's 1RM from data collected across your warm-up sets. This enables coaches to track strength gains every single session just by tracking your warm-up sets — no need to do highly taxing maximal sets!
Velocity loss guidelines for managing fatigue with velocity based training
Velocity drops at a consistent rate as you do more reps in a set, so how much velocity loss should you be training too?⁠⁠ Here are some guidelines for understanding the link between velocity loss and how much fatigue you might be accumulating.
The most powerful way to use velocity based training
Feedback and context. Crucial coaching tools for driving motivation and effort in training. And yet so often this simple application of velocity based training is overlooked or under utilised because it really is so simple and easy to do.
A continuum for velocity based training application
Velocity based training is an incredibly versatile set of tools and methods that can help you optimise training. This guide can help you better understand where to get started and how to start using VBT in your training
The Science of Velocity Based Training
Velocity based training is based on two fundamental training principles, the load velocity relationship and intent to move. Understanding these provides the foundations for what we can do with consistent velocity tracking in the gym.
What is velocity based training? (and what it isn't)
Reps, sets and load only quantify the training we have done. Load says a bit about intensity, but none of these metrics say anything about the quality of the training session.⁠ This is where velocity comes in...

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