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This 45 minute velocity based training course will help you grasp the fundamental theory and applications of VBT to utilise in your programming

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Recorded in June 2023, this presentation covers the fundamentals of velocity tracking theory before diving into the practical side of velocity based training for strength, power and hypertrophy development.

Note: This workshop focuses somewhat on the specific features and uses of the Metric Pro and Metric Teams dashboard products, however the principles and practical applications discussed can also be applied when using linear positional transducers (LPT), accelerometer (IMU), or other camera-based bar speed tracking devices and technology.

Video chapters:

00:00 - Introduction

01:39 - About VBTcoach, about MetricVBT

03:50 - Principles of velocity in lifting

11:27 - Hierarchy of velocity applications

15:42 - Improve training with feedback

23:22 - Progress tracking & profiling

26:45 - Programming with velocity

38:35 - Periodisation (summary)



Full VBT course video transcript

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