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Increase your Vertical Jump with Velocity Based Training
it's not just about trying to do every exercise as fast as possible, VBT allows athletes to create better structured training sessions to develop all the dimensions needed for explosive jumping ability while reducing unhelpful fatigue and stress.
The history of Velocity Zones in VBT
A complete history of the velocity zones as used in velocity based training. As popularised by Dr Bryan Mann.
Training to failure with velocity based training
Training to failure, RPE 10, maxing out. No matter what you call it, taking your sets to their breaking point and seeing how much you truly have in you is mentally and physically hard work. It would seem that this type of training is rewarding right? Work hard, push your limits on every set, experience wonderful gains.⁠⁠ But it's actually not that straight forward - and we can use velocity based training to find a better approach
The Henneman Size Principle and velocity based training
When we perform any movement (concentrically), our nervous system recruits and activates motor units in a smooth stepwise fashion. Starting with the smallest type I motor units working its way up to the biggest type II motor units.
Cluster set training with velocity based training
Athletes and gym goers are time poor, so fitting enough of the right stressors into a training session, as to not squash the session so jam packed that it just becomes cardio can be difficult...but there is a solution.
Dan John's rule of ten
In 2015, Core Advantage hosted Dan John for a three day workshop. One of the most valuable pieces I took from the event, was a passing comment regarding strength training volume. Dan called it the rule of ten.
How to calculate your 1RM with velocity based training
What if you could test an athletes 1 rep max (1RM) every single session? And know exactly how strong they are in real time, allowing you to adjust weights, sets and reps in the moment, delivering the perfect training stress for that individual at that moment in time. With velocity based training this becomes a reality, without interrupting your ⁠⁠planned sessions programming. No extra reps or sets, all as part of your standard workout.
Velocity loss guidelines for managing fatigue with velocity based training
Velocity drops at a consistent rate as you do more reps in a set, so how much velocity loss should you be training too?⁠⁠ Here's some guidelines for managing how much fatigue you want to accumulate.
Real-time feedback with velocity based training
Feedback and context. Crucial coaching tools for driving motivation and effort in training. And yet so often this simple application of velocity based training is overlooked or under utilised because it really is so simple and easy to do.
A continuum for velocity based training application
Don't know how to start using VBT?⁠⁠ Overwhelmed by choices and decisions about how to use VBT in your training? This is a guide to practically applying Velocity Based Training.

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