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Building Metric: The world's first computer vision velocity based training app
MetricVBT is a revolutionary application that uses the camera on your smartphone to automatically track velocity and range of motion for barbell exercises. In this article I cover how I fell in love with velocity training, our troubles when trying to use VBT at scale and how we arrived at the Metric VBT solution.
Is everything we know about VBT wrong?
There are many different ways to measure velocity in your training and I think the ones that are currently available to coaches are fundamentally wrong. Read on to uncover the superior and universal metric that no one is using but makes all other forms of velocity redundant
VBT Velocity Zones Part 3: A new system for velocity zone training
It's time to reimagine the velocity zones. This article explains a new, flexible three zone system for velocity based training and details specific practical ways to apply it in your training
VBT Velocity Zones Part 2: The problems with the five zones system
Part two of a series exploring the velocity zones system popularised in VBT. In this article I explain why the existing five zone system is misused, inaccurate and potentially slowing down your training progress, not enhancing it.
Increase your Vertical Jump with Velocity Based Training
it's not just about trying to do every exercise as fast as possible, VBT allows athletes to create better structured training sessions to develop all the dimensions needed for explosive jumping ability while reducing unhelpful fatigue and stress.
Adapting Dan John's rule of ten for Velocity based training
In 2015, Core Advantage hosted Dan John for a three-day workshop. One of the most valuable pieces I took from the event, was a passing comment regarding strength training volume. Dan called it the rule of ten.
Why training to failure might be slowing down your progress
Training to failure, RPE 10, maxing out. No matter what you call it, taking your sets to their breaking point and seeing how much you truly have in you is mentally and physically hard work. It would seem that this type of training is rewarding right? But it's actually not that straightforward - and we can use velocity based training to find a better approach
The Henneman Size Principle and velocity based training
When we perform any movement (concentrically), our nervous system recruits and activates motor units in a smooth stepwise fashion. Starting with the smallest type I motor units working its way up to the biggest type II motor units.
Enhanced cluster set training with velocity based training
Athletes and gym goers are time poor, so fitting enough of the right stressors into a training session, as to not squash the session so jam packed that it just becomes cardio can be difficult...but there is a solution.

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