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Struggle to Strength Podcast: Velocity based training with Jacob Tober

EPISODE 72: In any application, identifying areas for improvement is a critical component of success.

The more variables we can improve upon, the better we become.  Especially when it comes to health, fitness, and the competitive environment.

Joining the boys on the podcast this week is Jacob Tober of Metric VBT.

Jacob is the Head of Research and Education at Metric VBT, a revolutionary Velocity Based Training (VBT) app. Metric enables lifters and coaches to accurately track Velocity, ROM, Power, and Fatigue with just their smartphone camera. No additional hardware is required.

Among being a leader, practitioner, and educator in the Velocity Based Training space, Jacob is also an ASCA certified coach, and an ESSA accredited Sports scientist. Working with a world-leading sports science school, Deakin University, Jacob consults on research studies focused on velocity-based training and power development.

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