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Load-velocity profiling spreadsheet

Google sheet to find your 1RM from a load-velocity profile. Option to generate a power profile and max power score included.

eBook - fundamentals of VBT

Get an introduction to the world of velocity tracking with this quick read eBook. Grasp the basics and become proficient in the key terminology.

Sample velocity tracking workouts

Generate a load-velocity profile from your training to estimate 1RM, track progress and more from your barbell velocity data.

Poster - VBT quick start guide

A high-res digital poster for helping to onboard your athletes and get started with velocity tracking in your gym.

VBT consumer guide

A list of all the available velocity tracking apps and devices available on the market.

VBT research database

A comprehensive guide to research from the world of velocity based training. PDFs, summaries and citations included.

DSI - Dynamic strength index

Measure the relationship between your explosive potential and your maximum force production.
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Strength standards calculator

Enter your best weights and see how you stack up against elite lifters for these same movements.
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Strength ratios calculator

Compare your best weights across the key barbell lifts to see which movements are your strongest and which might be lagging.
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