Level up your workouts with velocity based training

Learn the theory and application of barbell velocity tracking. Give your training a competitive edge to boost your strength and power gains with the benefits of bar speed tracking and velocity based training in your programs.
An athlete performs a deadlift while tracking bar speed with the app Metric VBT

Free velocity based training course

Velocity based training (VBT) is a powerful tool that helps you optimize your strength training by measuring the speed of your lifts. By tracking metrics like mean velocity, range of motion, and eccentric tempo, you can make data-driven decisions to improve your performance and minimize fatigue.

At VBTcoach, we provide practical, science-based resources to help you implement VBT in your training. Whether you're looking to lift heavier, move faster, or increase your power output, our guides and tools will help you achieve your goals.

Not sure where to get started? the free VBT video course is a great starting place for a intro to the fundamentals.

Articles about velocity based training from the VBTcoach blog

Deep dives and practical use cases for the application of bar speed tracking in the weight room
June 18, 2024

Velocity Based Training for Powerlifting | An Introduction

Velocity Based Training is a potential game changer for Powerlifting. Level up your lifts and dominate the platform with bar speed tracking
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May 2, 2024

Faster reps vs slow reps: Why you should be using both in your program

Get the most out of your training by capitalising on the benefits of both fast reps and slow reps in your training to maximise your strength, power and hypertrophy gains in the gym.
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March 21, 2024

Complete guide to VBT devices and bar speed tracker apps 2024

Linear positional transducers, Accelerometers, rack mounted cameras, smartphone apps — There are so many good ways to measure bar speed! This guide lists all the devices and apps on offer when choosing a VBT system.
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March 13, 2024

How Barbell velocity tracking can make you stronger

You already do velocity based training - you just don't call it that! Whether it is conscious or subconscious, lifters are constantly analysing their sets through the lens of how fast the bar moves.
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February 9, 2024

A complete guide to 1RM testing & strength estimation

Everything you need to know about testing, estimating and utilising the one repetition maximum in your training. A one rep max is the most amount of weight you can lift for a single repetition...
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December 10, 2023

VBT log: Planning deloads from velocity data

December 11, 2023: Getting sick, planning deloads and adjusting training with velocity trends.
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Free strength calculators

VBT Coach has a range of free online strength calculators designed to assist you in your strength programming. These digital and mobile-friendly tools can help you estimate your one-rep max (1RM), calculate the ideal weights and reps for your warmup sets, generate a load-velocity profile, create a personalised RPE conversion chart, and find the relationship between RPE, RIR and velocity.

Whether you're an experienced lifter or new to strength training, these tools can provide valuable insights to help you track your progress and optimise your workouts.

The calculators are based on scientifically validated formulas and are freely available online without the need for sign-up or registration before use.

Metric VBT - Velocity based training app

Frustrated by existing VBT devices, I went out and built my own app!
This easy-to-use bar speed tracking app allows you to capture critical lifting data like velocity, bar path, range of motion, power, tempo, and fatigue with just your iPhone. No devices required, as easy as taking a selfie.
I am a co-founder and head of sports science at Metric VBT.

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