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“Contents and materials provided, at the level of EXOS, ALTIS and NSCA."
– Pedro (S&C coach & performance specialist)

Practical approaches to velocity based training

Too often coaches and experts talk about velocity based training in the abstract.

Theoretical concepts and vague notions about the relationship between one metric and another, but rarely real-world advice for the coach in the gym.

There are few things I find more frustrating than good ideas wasted due to poor transfer into actual practical settings.

Everything we create, write, or talk about on this website is done through the lens of practical coaching. I constantly ask: “can a coach or athlete use this tomorrow in their training?”

Be sure to explore all the advice and resources on the site so that you can enhance your performance through velocity based training.

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Free 12 week VBT program

Develop your strength and master the application of velocity in your training with this flexibile 12 week strength training program. Includes eBook, PDF and spreadsheet templates.

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Browse the VBT Blog

Check out our extensive collection of articles, how-to guides, and research reviews.

Velocity Based Training Short Course

Cover the fundamentals of velocity based training with our free online education course. Go from beginner to master in just a couple of hours.

Focussed on the real-world practical benefit of VBT, this 10 part video course makes VBT accessible.

Complete with slides, video transcripts, references to source materials plus bonus coaching resources. No BS, no vague abstract concepts, just practical useful information.

Absolutely no email sign up required to start, 100% free.

The man behind Jacob Tober. Strength and Conditioning coach at Core Advantage Athletic development

About VBT Coach

My name is Jacob and I am passionate about velocity based training.

I have been working as a full time coach in the private and professional sectors with Core Advantage Athletic Development since 2013.

From 2016, I have been quietly developing an obsession with all things velocity based training for me it just makes sense to be measuring your velocity and using that data to create more informed and calibrated training decisions.

I have been dedicating a lot of thinking and practice to not only the underpinning principles and science of velocity tracking, but also the every day application of VBT in real world training environments (including its use in our busy high performance centre).

In 2018 we launched our comprehensive velocity based training course at While in 2021 I started sharing my  thoughts and ideas on all things VBT. Initially with my instagram page @VBTcoach and now this website through the blog and the free training resources I have created.

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