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VBT free training resources

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Velocity Zones Reimagined - Training & programming with VBT

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Export data from MetricVBT to a spreadsheet
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Export data from MetricVBT to a spreadsheet

Using iPhone shortcuts and iOS image-to-text, this shortcut automatically transcribe syour VBT data to the velocity logbook
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Free velocity based training 1RM calculator and logbook
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Free velocity based training 1RM calculator and logbook

Take advantage of the full power of barbell velocity tracking in your training with this free 1RM calculator and programming tool
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MetricVBT - The Future of Velocity Based Training

Are you interested in incorporating velocity and other metrics into your training?

Then you should check out Metric VBT the revolutionary new VBT application I am helping to build.

The vision for Metric is to make velocity based training an easy and seamless experience, delivering accurate data and adding detailed feedback about your training data so that lifters and coaches of all levels can optimise their training in real-time. Enhancing strength and power gains without the need for complicated and expensive equipment or a PhD in data science.

Metric VBT is only new and still has plenty of features in development, but it's free to download and use, so test it out and let me know what you think!

Metric is available on iPhone via the App Store.

Get Metric VBT on the app store
The Metric VBT velocity based training app