RPE calculator - Estimate 1RM & generate your RPE load chart

Estimate your one rep max from RPE data. Generate a complete RPE - load - reps chart. All from just a single set of training data. Works accurately for squat, bench, deadlift or any of your favourite barbell exercise.

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RPE chart & estimated one rep max

Complete any set of 1-8 reps with an RPE value between 10 - 6.5 and get an estimated 1RM and generate your own personalised RPE-rep-load chart. Accuracy of the results will be dependant on your own skills at accurately assessing and calculating RPE.
1RM Calculator

How to use this RPE calculator

With the help of RPE scoring in your training, it is possible to accurately estimate your 1RM strength levels during training without having to perform an all-out max effort set.

Simply input the set weight, reps completed and RPE score (between 10 - 6.5) and the calculator will return an estimated one rep max load along with a conversion chart, providing you with an estimated load-rep-RPE relationship scale for that given exercise.

RPE chart generator

Along with a one rep max estimation, this tool provides a chart showing the loads lifted acrossall RPE and rep count values for any given exercise. Take a screenshot of this or save this website to your phone home screen to regularly review these values when selecting working weights

Estimate one rep max from RPE

This is a great way to easily and accurately estimate your 1RM (one repetition maximum) without having to perform and actual 1RM test. This allows you to track progress and monitor fatigue easily and regularly through the weeks of your standard training sessions.

How accurate is RPE at estimating 1RM?

The precision of this tool largely depends on how precise your internal RPE scaling is.

RPE is inherently prone to human error due to the subjective nature of RPE ratings. So for experienced lifters this can be a great tool, abetter approach and the most accurate formula for most lifters when estimating your 1RM is to perform a load-velocity profile, collecting barbell velocity across a range of loads and utilising velocity based training methods to find your 1RM.

To do this, you can measure barbell velocity for free with a velocity-based training app such as Metric VBT. Take the loads lifted, and mean velocity data collected with the Metric app and input it into the Load-velocity profiling calculator available at this link. this page has detailed instructions to complete the load velocity profile and find your 1RM that way.

Not sure if your RPE ratings are accurate? Use both the RPE and load velocity profile calculators across a few exercises and see which gives you 1RM estimates that are closest to your actual 1RM.

Learn more about all things 1RM estimation in this blog →

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