Hi! I'm Jacob Tober the VBTcoach!

As an S&C coach I was frustrated with how unhelpful and impractical the existing education  content around applying velocity based training in the gym was.

So in 2020 I created VBTcoach, to make education and content around bar speed tracking and velocity based training principles more useful for coaches and lifters. This website is a collection of free blogs, podcasts, education courses, and downloadable resources aimed at making tracking and programming with bar speed data in the weight room easier and more impactful.

When I'm not riding for the VBTcoach website I spend my time developing and designing the Metric VBT app - a bar speed tracking app  I helped  invent and co-founded.

Got questions about velocity tracking in the gym? Come say hi on social media (find my links further down the page)

Online velocity based training education

In a former life before Metric when I was a private sector strength coach, a large part of my role was running and designing the Core Advantage Internship. A twice-a-year intensive program where we put Melbourne's very best sports science students through their paces.

The skills I learned here teaching and communicating with these interns I now use here at VBT coach, making the world of velocity based training as accessible and practical as possible.

You can check out my free workout for a great sample of my teaching, Get in touch online if you are interested in a workshop or podcast collaboration.

Velocity based training coach consultation

Whatever tech you decide to go with, initiating a VBT integration with your school/facility/PT business can be a daunting process.

I am here to help, if you aren't sure where to start, or just want some input and thoughts on getting your velocity tracking systems in place without disrupting the training flow, get in touch and I can guide you through the process of designing and executing a velocity tracking system that delivers results, drives engagement and ultimately enhances your coaching service.

Times and spaces are limited as I don't take on more than 2-3 clients at any one time.

Metric VBT - the velocity based training app I helped invent

I am the cofounder and part of the team developing Metric VBT, a revolutionary velocity based training app with accuracy and reliability comparable to linear positional transducer technology.

The app is free to download and you can use it with a basic membership that has many features available for free. With no VBT devices required, and no upfront costs, its a completely risk free way to try out  barbell velocity tracking.

Metric has been a huge passion project of mine, and I am lucky enough to get to work on the app with my brother as independent developers. If you  subscribe to Pro or Teams — thank you for supporting us and our work!

I might be biased, but I think it's the best bar speed tracker on the market!

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Find me online - VBTcoach links

I am pretty active online, You can find me all over the internet, come say hi 👋

Free Velocity based training resources

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Elevate Your Training with Metric VBT

Maximise your workout effectiveness by monitoring key metrics like velocity, power, range of motion and tempo with just your smartphone.

Metric VBT automatically calculates your 1RM from bar speed data, along with bar path tracking, RPE logging and a full workout builder.

Metric is the perfect lifting app to refine your technique and enhance your strength.

Download it on iOS today.

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