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Create your own velocity based training profile chart for any exercise using this free online tool. Estimate 1RM and track progress on your lifts without having to perform max effort sets. Works with data from any velocity based training device or app including Metric VBT.

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How to create a load velocity profile

A load-velocity profile reveals an athlete's ability to rapidly produce force across different weights. It produce a linear and stable relationship which when mapped,  allows coaches to accurately estimate 1RM strength levels in real-time and track progress over time without needing to perform time consuming rep max (RM) tests.

Read my full guide to the load velocity profile here →

Velocity based training devices

A velocity-based training device or app are essential for creating this profile. I recommend the Metric VBT app, it is validated, easy to use, and free to download, without needing any additional hardware.

You can download the Metric app on iOS here →

Simply input the velocity data from Metric (or whichever velocity based training device or app you prefer to use), and with 3 or more sets of data entered, the calculator will return  your 1RM estimate.

For the most accurate 1RM prediction I recommend using best-rep mean-velocity across a wide spread of weights aiming to hit sets between roughly 40-80%. Performing 3-5 reps at each weight is more than enough.

Always be sure to perform any maximum effort sets with a spotter present and use proper equipment and lifting technique to ensure safety.

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