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Core Advantage: Jacob Tober On How To Use Velocity Based Training

Notes mentioned in this episode of The Athletic Development Show:

  • 00:00 - Introduction and Jacob's deep dive on VBT
  • 03:29 - What is Velocity Based Training?
  • 06:55 - The benefits of Velocity Based Training
  • 08:01 - Why Velocity Based Training works even better with Reps in Reserve (RIR)
  • 16:26 - Autoregulation, fatigue, velocity loss and proximity to failure
  • 18:53 - Mean and peak velocity
  • 29:23 - The easiest thing to implement for coaches and athletes - contextual velocity
  • 32:34 - Intent to move
  • 37:50 - Velocity based training speed zones, and why they're overused
  • 41:03 - Existing Velocity based training devices
  • 48:40 - Using Metric for your Velocity Based Training
  • 51:01 - How the Metric is different to existing Velocity based training device

Metric is an app that revolutionises tracking Velocity, ROM, Power and Fatigue. No strings. No hardware. Just your smartphone camera. Learn more about Metric here.

You can also catch a few teasers of Metric in action on Instagram.

Learn more about Velocity Based Training with Jacob Tober on the VBTCoach website or on Instagram.

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