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👋 Hi, I'm Jacob. S&C coach, writer, and app designer

As an S&C coach I was frustrating how unhelpful the education and content around using velocity in the gym was.

VBTcoach is my attempt to make education around velocity tracking better. A collection of blogs, podcasts, courses, and resources aimed at making  velocity in the weight room a breeze.

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Velocity based training is not complicated

Or at least it shouldn't be!

This over-complication and theory dominated approach makes velocity tracking unappealing, unhelpful, and at times down-right confusing.

Velocity tracking can be a transformitive technology - but you shouldn’t need a PhD to be able to take advantage of the benefits!

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“ The contents and materials provided are at the level of EXOS, ALTIS, and NSCA... I learned a lot from the theoretical and practical issues of this [course]. Unbeatable price-quality ratio."
- Pedro R

What is velocity based training?

Velocity tracking, most commonly called velocity based training (VBT) is the use of technology to accurately measure the velocity, range of motion, and other metrics within gym based training movements (most typically strength and power exercises).

These insights are then used to motivate lifters, assess readiness and residual fatigue levels, adjust training sessions in real-time, track progress on a range of key metrics, and even structure programs over longer time frames.

There is no single best way to use velocity, it is not a single program, but a range of tools to help make training better.

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Metric VBT - the free barbell velocity tracking app

No strings, no wearables, just point your phone and record video with velocity, power, tempo and range of motion stats for your lifts with the camera on your iPhone or iPad. Metric's revolutionary computer vision is accurate, automatic and incredibly easy to use.

And did I mention it’s free to use?

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