Free Velocity based training program

Develop your strength and master the application of velocity in your training with this flexibile 12 week program. Includes instructional ebook, PDF and spreadsheet templates.

A screenshot of a laptop and phone showing velocity based training information

This program is built with instructions to help anyone using velocity in their training. Even if this is your first time using a velocity tracker you can still make great progress on this plan

  • Suitable for intermediate to advanced (12months+ gym experience)
  • Strength focused plan including three training blocks and a peak/taper week.
  • Flexible application for athletes, powerlifters or general gym goers
  • Instructional ebook, printable PDF templates, velocity logbook all included
  • Works with any VBT technology

What's included: key program elements

Leverage the power of velocity tracking in your training

How training with velocity works

Strength training is a numbers game. 

How much weight, how many reps and how long you rest between sets all play a crucial role in driving training outcomes. But there is a problem.

These numbers only paint half the picture. Reps and sets quantify the volume of your training, eg. "how much did I do this session?" But they provide almost no insight into the quality of your training, eg. "how well did I perform this session?”.

This is where velocity comes in.

By measuring and tracking lift velocity on a weekly basis you can develop a more refined appreciation for your physical readiness to perform in real time, helping you make adjustments to your planned training in order to optimise your training stress and recovery.

The program uses velocity in two key ways. Firstly through contextual autoregulation you will progress, hold or regress loads in response to your daily bar speeds relative to your own recent training history for that exercise. Secondly, daily training volume will be controlled through velocity loss cut-offs using percentage of fatigue to avoid overreaching or under working.

The program is highly flexible and customisable so you can include your preferred exercises and move through the three training blocks before completing a test and taper week. Everything you need to follow the program is available for free including:

  • Training with velocity eBook
  • Print friendly PDF templates to track your velocity based training
  • Mobile friendly formulated spreadsheets to provide you with real time velocity feedback for your key exercises

Works with any VBT technology or device. You will need to have access to a velocity tracking technology in order to complete this program.

Free 12 week VBT program

Master the application of velocity tracking in your training with this strength training program. Includes free eBook, PDF and spreadsheet VBT templates.

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A screenshot of a laptop and phone showing velocity based training information