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VBT and how to make the most out of utilizing VBT within your program

Velocity based training can be a gamechanger in a number of ways, firstly it gives a snap shot of an athletes overall readiness for a given session. This gives coaches measurable data  at the beginning of training to help gauge an athletes overall readiness and to assess if athlete readiness lines up well with the stressors that will be present for a given days session. Velocity based training helps to drive intent as it provides readings for each rep performed. This takes away the guess work and uncertainty that can be common around power focused or peaking phases of a given preparation period.

The data that coaches collect can guide them towards a load profile for athletes that promotes the greatest adaptation possible for the desired load parameters of a given time frame. Throughout this conversation Jacob Tober shares many times that loads are often highly variable between exercises and athletes. By using the data to build load / velocity or load / power profiles the coach can take away the guess work and implement meaningful loads to drive the overall intent of a training session.

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