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Redefining Velocity Based Training with Jacob Tober (VBT Coach) - Petey Performance Podcast #78

This episode of the podcast is with Australian S&C Coach and founder of Metric VBT, Jacob Tober. Jacob is an expert in velocity-based training and has spent the last couple of years developing his own VBT tracking tool in the form of a smartphone application, Metric VBT.

He is constantly putting out quality insights into the benefits and utility of VBT on his Instagram and YouTube channels, which I've attached below. During our conversation, we spoke about why he believes VBT is a term that doesn't give an accurate description of all that the methodology encompasses.

We also spoke about how Jacob's interest in VBT was sparked and how it has evolved over time, before moving onto speaking about how Metric VBT was started and the improvements that have been made to the app over time. We were able to touch on all of the quality VBT software that's on the market at the moment, including podcast sponsor Output Sports. And we also had time to discuss VBT Training Zones, barriers to using VBT and its implementation in a practical setting.

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