Velocity based training online course

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  • Key VBT terms and metrics

  • Feedback and competition

  • Autoregulation

  • Testing and profiling

  • Real-world speed zones and targets

2. Velocity Based Training Myths

Velocity based training can be a tricky area to get started in, with so many different ways to use velocity and new metrics to get your head around it can be overwhelming.

In this video we cover some of the most common mistakes that trainers and coaches make when beginning with VBT in their programs. And of course we will try to offer some solutions along the way.

Video chapters:

  • 0:47 - Training at high bar speed
  • 2:56 - Overusing the speed zones
  • 4:41 - Alternative to the speed zones
  • 5:49 - Using VBT for everything
  • 6:21 - Three easy starting points for VBT

Free 12 week VBT program

Master the application of velocity tracking in your training with this strength training program. Includes free eBook, PDF and spreadsheet VBT templates.

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