VBT education course

The VBT Field Guide

Your complete guide to mastering velocity based training for incredible results in the weight room.

✅ Technology agnostic. These principles apply no matter what VBT technology you choose to use.
✅ Real-world practical. Take these concepts and apply them in your gym, step-by-step applications for every context.
✅ By coaches for coaches. Supported by research, but not bogged down in references. This is a practical user guide, not an academic paper!

An online master class in velocity based training

From the fundamental principles of VBT, through to simple and advanced practical applications, this field guide covers everything you need to get started and ultimately master velocity based training.

A multi-media online textbook/course, the VBT Field Guide is the ultimate resource for coaches and athletes looking to maximise their training outcomes by incorporating velocity based training principles and tactics.

Complete with extensive references, step-by-step practicals and plenty of real-world examples, this guide is perfect for strength athletes, s&c coaches, or anyone looking to get more out of their training with velocity.

The VBT Field Guide is device agnostic, so no matter what technology you use to record velocity this guide will improve your application and deepen your understanding of VBT. I will use references and examples from MetricVBT (the app I am building) but you can still apply the same principles with other technology.

✅ The key principles of VBT for strength and power
✅ Dozens of step-by-step practical application examples
✅ How to autoregulate fatigue with velocity
✅ How to analyse reps, sets sessions
✅ Step-by-step guide to interpreting data in real-time
✅ Understanding how and when to use specific metrics
✅ VBT for different training styles, objectives and populations
✅ Profiling and tracking progress
✅ Research database with key cutting edge VBT research
✅ Constant updates as VBT principles evolve