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Jacob Tober - How to launch your career in sport science

Sports Grad Podcast


Guys… We may have just found the model sport science grad!! Now well and truly a professional, Jacob Tober is a learning machine. At uni he was top of his class, at 22 he became a @coreadvantage business partner. And now he’s created his own app called ‘Metric VBT’ to make Velocity Based Training accessible and easy to use!

For anyone serious about a career in sport science, you HAVE to listen to Jacob. We find out why soft skills aren’t soft, what it’s like wearing multiple hats across science, technology and business, creating content for social media, and how arrogance almost stood in the way of his entire career.

We cover:

  • What makes Jacob a learning machine
  • How he stuffed up his first interview
  • Timeline to becoming a business partner at 22
  • Creating content to grow a following
  • How to accept and give feedback
  • Soft skills essential for sport science
  • Velocity Based Training
  • Creating and launching an app

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