The Velocity logbook

The most advanced and easiest to use free velocity tracking spreadsheet

✏️ Velocity Logbook

The logbook started as a tool I used in my own training to get real-time contextual feedback on performance and readiness. It has evolved over the last couple of years to become a powerful and versatile addition to training for coaches and athletes around the world.

Start by making a copy of the logbook, and watch my video tutorial (below) to understand how to use it.

All Logbooks open in Google Sheets - Sheet formula will break if taken to Excel

Click here to get the individuals logbook →

Click here to get the groups logbook →

Read the logbook tutorial blog/video here →

🤖 MetricVBT automation (iPhone Shortcut)

With the help of some clever code snippets by Quinn, one of MetricVBT's first beta testers, you can now automatically push your training data into the Velocity Logbook with a simple "Hey Siri...", all without leaving the MetricVBT app.

To do this, you will need to follow the instructions in the video or blog linked below. The shortcut URLs are linked on the logbook instructions page for both the groups and individuals logbook.

Read the step-by-step instructions here →