The Velocity logbook (Sunset)

Update April 2023: The velocity logbook has been sunset

✏ Velocity Logbook is no longer available

The logbook started as a tool I used in my own training to get real-time contextual feedback on performance and readiness. It then evolved over the years to become a powerful and versatile addition to training for coaches and athletes around the world.

In early 2023, I made the decision to sunset the logbook.

In technology, to sunset a product means to shut down new downloads and puts an end to updates, bug fixes or new features for a product. Due to the amount of time I am spending on the Metric app I can no longer keep the logbook up to date and fix bugs.

As a result the Velocity Logbook and the iPhone shortcut is no longer available for download.

If you like you can still check out the logbook tutorials on this blog and try to recreate your own logbook (maybe taking the formulas from the e1RM spreadsheet), but you will need to take this project on yourself.

Alternatively, you can checkout Metric PRO an advanced set of features for individual lifters within the Metric VBT app. Metric Pro will be available for lifters within the Metric app from late May 2023.

For coaches, you. can join the Metric for Teams waitlist, we are hoping to roll out the Metric coaches platform in the middle months of 2023.