1RM and profiling calculator

Calculate your estimated 1RM, max power, curve score from velocity based training data with this free spreadsheet

📉 Using velocity based training to calculate your 1RM

Back by popular demand, is your very own copy of my VBT profiling calculator.

If you want to track progress on every session, the Velocity Logbook has real-time profiling built in. Use this sheet to profile your training if you prefer to have dedicated profiling & testing days in your program.

Get your copy of the e1RM and max power calculator here → (Google Sheets - using Excel may break some formulas)

Profiling scores available

There are a range of profiling scores that can be established with velocity and power data. This spreadsheet calculates the following profiles:

  • estimated 1RM (e1RM)
  • relative e1RM
  • Performance index
  • Relative performance index
  • Max power
  • Relative max power
  • Load at max power
  • L zero
  • V zero

Learn more about profiling in this blog →