12-week strength program

Build incredible strength with this 12-week periodised plan. Ideal for powerlifters and enthusiast lifters

Velocity isn't just about training fast!

Velocity feedback can be a great way to build and modulate your strength training to maximise your gains while reducing strain and residual fatigue accumulation in your training.

Use your velocity data to help drive better loading decisions, flag low readiness before it causes problems and make more progress by training hard AND smart.

Download the 12 week strength program eBook here

Included in the eBook:

  • Explanations and principles behind how the program works
  • Print-friendly program templates (in eBook)
  • Powerlifting 3x or 4x a week programming
  • Flexible exercise selection template for non-powerlifting lifters

Additional resources

MetricVBT training app (iOS only)

The A copy of the velocity logbook

Metric shortcut installed on your device