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I'm Jacob the VBTcoach!

As an S&C coach I was frustrated with how unhelpful and impractical the existing education  content around applying velocity based training in the gym was.

So in 2020 I created VBTcoach, to make education and content around bar speed tracking and velocity based training principles more useful for coaches and lifters. This website is a collection of free blogs, podcasts, education courses, and downloadable resources aimed at making tracking and programming with bar speed data in the weight room easier and more impactful.

When I'm not riding for the VBTcoach website I spend my time developing and designing the Metric VBT app - a bar speed tracking app  I helped  invent and co-founded.

Got questions about velocity tracking in the gym? Come say hi on social media (find my links further down the page)

Download my velocity based training app

I am the cofounder and part of the team developing Metric VBT, a revolutionary new velocity based training app.

The app is free to download and you can use its basic features for free, or subscribe to Pro or Teams for more advanced features.

If you are interested in velocity based training, I recommend giving it a try, with no devices, and no upfront costs, its a completely risk free way to track barbell velocity and give it a try in your workouts.

I might be biased, but I think it's the best bar speed tracker on the market!

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