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The Metric VBT velocity based training app

MetricVBT - The Future of Velocity Based Training

Looking to use velocity and other metrics in your training?

Then you should check out Metric VBT the revolutionary new VBT application I am helping to build.

Metric aims to make velocity tracking an easy and seamless experience, delivering accurate data and feedback to enhance strength and power gains without the need for complicated and expensive equipment or a PhD in data science.

Metric VBT is pretty new and still in development, but it's free to download and use, so test it out and let me know what you think!

Metric is available for free on iPhone via the App Store.

Get Metric VBT on the app store
VBT education course

The VBT Field Guide - An online master class in velocity based training

An online textbook and course, the VBT Field Guide is the ultimate resource for coaches and athletes looking to maximise their training outcomes by incorporating velocity based training principles and tactics.

From the fundamental principles of VBT, through to simple and advanced practical applications, this field guide covers everything you need to get started and ultimately master velocity based training.

Complete with extensive references, step-by-step practicals and plenty of real-world examples, this guide is perfect for strength athletes, s&c coaches, or anyone looking to get more out of their training with velocity.

The VBT Field Guide is technology agnostic, so no matter what you use to record velocity this guide will improve your application and deepen your understanding of VBT.

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